Chinese Create Massive Vending Machine For Serving Cars

Chinese Create Massive Vending Machine For Serving Cars

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A massive vending machine that serves up cars has been created by Chinese company Kandi Technology to offer affordable on-rent electric cars for a more eco-friendly future.

In an over populated country like China, only 10 per cent of the 1.35 billion people use personal vehicles. There is no doubt that this is very much inconvenient for the rest of the population who use public transport. However, a revolutionary idea came from a Chinese technological company, named Kandi Technology. This company introduced car sharing, which was introduced earlier with bike sharing. Not only in China, but also most of the European countries made bike or car as shared transport.

[Image Source: Kandi]

However, Kandi Technology made it quite unique by introducing an electronic car. This ultra compound car named EVs also saves the environment by reducing carbon producing. You can get this car at just $3 for an hour to go about 75 miles with the maximum speed 50 mph. After completing your journey, you can drop the rented car off to the nearest Kandi station. You can also use the car for personal use. This is an electric and thus cheap and eco friendly car.

Kandi Technology launched the car rent system in Hangzhou in an experimental level. It has two EVs vending machines in the city which is going to be 12 in the same year. The company is also planning to extend this excellent plan in two other mega cities, Beijing and Shanghai. The Chinese Government warmly welcomed this process and sanctioned 400 billion Yuan or more than $66 billion for this project. Hopefully within 2020 there will be more than two millions EVs cars in China. The Kandi Technology wants to spread the excellent car business allover the world and looking forward to this aim. However, surely it would help people in densely populated area where transport is not very available.

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