Futuristic Electric Motorcycle HyperTek Unveils at $80,000

Futuristic Electric Motorcycle HyperTek Unveils at $80,000

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EICMA Motorcycle Show never disappoints and this year is no different than the others. At CES 2019, Harley Davidson displayed their first electric motorcycle and it became obvious that the electric vehicle storm was heading towards the motorcycle market. This year's biggest launch came from the carbon wheel specialists Blackstone Tek (BST) and we are absolutely smitten with the new, futuristic-looking HyperTek.


BST HyperTek combines many impressive features that can open a new door in the electric motorcycle industry. Former Ducati Design Manager Pierre Terblanche, who combined his expertise in car design with BST’s carbon fiber products, calls HyperTek "the best work I've ever done." Coming from the designer of several iconic Ducatis, this statement alone should get every bike-enthusiast excited.

BTS is the best at what they do: the HyperTek features carbon fiber everywhere. This enables the weight to be kept at a minimum, which is only 450pounds. This is an extraordinarily low number for an electric bike since the general number is usually around 600pounds.

The bike’s water-cooled DHX Hawk motor generates 105Hp and 88.5 pound-feet of torque. It is powered by a 4.75-kWh battery. It can be fully recharged in 30minutes on a fast charger, which can go 186miles on a charge.

In an interview with Cycle World, Terblanche stated that the bike comes with three battery packs that are seated horizontally to lower the center of gravity and to aid cooling. Apparently, an auxiliary pack can be seated below these to add range.

BST has also partnered with Japan-based CrossHelmet to create high-tech custom helmets that have a heads-up display. The riding vitals will be directly on the heads-up inside the Cross X1 helmets. Say goodbye to the cluster of traditional instruments! Maybe the next step will be Jarvis? We certainly hope so.

BTS claims that the production of the HyperTek will start in 18 months and it will not be mass-produced. You will need to pay an estimated price of $80,000 to park one of these bad boys in your garage. It sounds like a fortune; however, it may very well be worth it.

Watch the video: Pierre Terblanche Interview (January 2023).