House with Cool Lake in Its Garden Turns out to Be a Scam

House with Cool Lake in Its Garden Turns out to Be a Scam

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Think, you buy a house with a great lake in the garden to relax with your loved ones. Isn't it lovely? 200 homeowners in Changsha, China had the same dream only to find out that the blue thing in the garden wasn't a lake.


In China, an advertisement was developed to trick people who were thinking about buying a house. In the advertisement, there was a lake in a park next to the building that was marketed. But actually, it was just a blue plastic covering used to lead people that there's water.

The people who bought a house by being impressed by the lake view in the garden were highly shocked and disappointed.

One of the homeowners said, "So I’m supposed to be standing in the middle of blue water, which in fact doesn’t exist. There is no rock or plants."

The response from Changsha Shiji Yujing Real Estate didn't delay. They said that they never promised an artificial lake inside the community.

Their brochure said, "The days pass slowly as if you’ve fallen into Peach Blossom Land," which refers to an old fable.

Also, the grass block paving in the community was covered with yellow mud and dotted with withered turf, when it should be covered with grass.

"We’re very unhappy about these grass block pavers. They’re usually used for driveways or car parks. But this is not the car park area. It’s the open area right outside each building gate, and they call it vegetation," another homeowner said.

Well, seems like wonderlands aren't always magical and wonderful.

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