Redditors Debate How Much Milk a Cow Needs to Produce to Afford a VR Headset

Redditors Debate How Much Milk a Cow Needs to Produce to Afford a VR Headset

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Recently, some dairy farmers near Moscow in Russia decided to try out VR headsets on their cows to find out whether this would make them produce more milk.

Could a virtual world be the answer to more milk? And at what cost?

This last question has a huge amount of people on Reddit sharing their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Just how much milk must a cow produce to afford a VR headset?


Can living in a virtual world help cows make more and better quality milk?

One person on Reddit jumped straight in with some numbers and percentages, making some rather decent assumptions:

They've solicited a number of reactions, mostly positive and humorous, especially for their use of the sentence "let's assume cow conversion is negligible cost."

This Redditor makes a fair point about converting the cost from a regular 'human' VR headset, the Oculus Quest.

We are loving the puns and comments of many Redditors ready to tackle this price issue, creating an entirely new currency for the matter:

Naturally, a response to that would be:

Now for a 'puntastic' response:

So, according to this Redditor, it would take 43 days for a cow to make enough milk to be worth an Oculus VR headset:

The debate ebbs and flows between different questions arising from the topic, some take into account the cost of electricity and running the farm into the equation:

While others are proposing the usage of cheaper VR headsets would lower the total cost:

These types of questions abound on Reddit and prove for a very interesting read. The question is not yet answered, however, as the VR headset creators and the farm owners have yet to make any comment on the matter.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the Reddit thread here, and post your own opinion and knowledge.

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