Tesla's Cybertruck Caught on Camera on the Streets of LA for the First Time Ever

Tesla's Cybertruck Caught on Camera on the Streets of LA for the First Time Ever

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There's been a fair bit of hype on the internet this past week as Tesla shared its new Cybertruck with the world. The comments about the prototype have varied, from adoration to insults.

Perhaps sparking more debate, the Cybertruck was recently caught on camera rolling on the streets in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, near Tesla's Design Studio. This is the first time the car is spotted in daylight.


The Cybertruck in daylight

From the video and images snapped of the Cybertruck outdoors, you can get a good view of the truck and its radical look.

The reason this moment is so interesting is that Tesla, like most automakers, has so far only showed its new Cybertruck indoors, in very carefully controlled lighting and circumstances. Essentially, the car was put on display much in the same way top models walk down a catwalk; with lots of makeup and attention.

But, like models, the car can look very different out in the harsh lighting of the sun. You can't hide from anything out there.

So, now we have a proper view of what the Cybertruck looks like thanks to Chicago_Roy who posted his video on Instagram.

It's a short clip, however, it's long enough for everyone to see the truck properly, in the middle of regular traffic.

It certainly lives up to Elon Musk's promise that it looks like "something out of a movie set." It looks even more other-worldly and futuristic as it drives among other cars.

It looks pretty much as expected out in the sunlight, but it's certainly a truck for a particular taste.

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