10 Portable Tech Gadgets That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

10 Portable Tech Gadgets That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

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Electronic devices are getting smaller and more portable day by day. If the only portable smart device you have is your mobile phone, it's worth trying a few more. If you're a busy person with no free time, portable tech gadgets may be a game-changer for you.


Here is a list of portable gadgets that will make your daily life easier and look cool in your hands. They also won't break your bank account in the process.

1. Segway Ninebot Drift

Imagine that you are living in the Jetsons age with the super-fast flying cars. You can keep up with them with the Segway Ninebot Drift. It's perfect for the young generation who want to stand out.

These roller skates will allow you to go anywhere you want within minutes. Then, you can do your daily works easily and quickly.

2. Pocketalk Language Translator

Don't let the language barrier slow you down.

Understanding other languages and learning about different cultures is amazing. However, that takes a lot of time. This portable translator will do this within seconds. Where you are is not important since it can translate 74 languages.

Thanks to its microphone, it picks up the voices, detects the language, and translates simultaneously. You just have to hold the button while you're speaking.

3. Anker Soundcore Mini Speaker

For music lovers who can't live without music, a portable mini speaker is a game-changer. It delivers powerful sound whether you're outside or inside.

It provides a rich sound that fills the whole room. Although it looks small, it provides powerful sound and bass quality. You can enjoy music for up to 15 hours.

4. LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle

Who wouldn't want a water bottle that cleans itself? Probably those who don't have enough time to clean it. Thanks to the UVC light, this self-cleaning water bottle kills germs and bacteria.

It has 2 modes: Normal and Adventure. The normal mode purifies up to 99.99%, and the adventure mode purifies up to 99.9999%.

5. Chipolo Bluetooth Key Finder

Losing devices became easier as they got smaller. If you constantly forget your keys, Chipolo will prevent that by sending reminders to your phone.

Moreover, you can attach it not only to your keys, but also to your bag, children's toys, and more. Its loud alarm allows you to find lost items in all conditions. It's also water-resistant.

6. Fujifilm Instax Portable Smartphone Printer

It's fun to shoot Snaps and Instagram stories, but if you want to stick the photos to your fridge and immortalize them, you'll need a portable printer. Instax Portable Printer will allow you to capture special moments regardless of where you are.

It uses Bluetooth which means that you don't have to find a WiFi connection to print your photos.

7. Anker PowerCore Charger

This is an ultra-lightweight power bank that you can carry anywhere. It's one of the best power banks in the market. You won't have to take your charger out of your bag to keep your phone charged all day long.

It can charge your phone more than twice. Also, it ensures complete safety for your devices.

8. Skyroam Solis WiFi Hotspot

If you are bored of airports' 30-minute-free WiFi connections and their slow speeds, then getting a WiFi hotspot might be a great idea. It works in more than 130 countries, so you don't need to search for free WiFi in the streets.

It'll be your trusty companion for business and travel.

9. Bellabeat Leaf Smart Health Tracker

This necklace tracks your sleep quality, stress level, and calories. It can be also worn as a bracelet or clip.

For women who want to track their health without a smartwatch, this jewelry health tracker is a great option. It provides a stylish look while keeping an eye on your health.

10. DJI Osmo Pocket

It's possible to make every moment memorable with this small device. If your hands are constantly shaking while taking photos, DJI Osmo will make you a professional photographer in seconds.

This device will turn your memories into cinematographic masterpieces. It's incredibly small, and you can take it everywhere.

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