Protect Your Eyes From Macular Degeneration with These Blue Light Glasses

Protect Your Eyes From Macular Degeneration with These Blue Light Glasses

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Most people working office jobs spend a significant portion of their lives staring at screens. As you may have inferred, all that screen time isn't exactly great for your eyes. Screens emit blue light and ultra-violet rays that, over time, can contribute to macular degeneration, effectively deteriorating your eyesight. Chances are you can't simply stop using a computer at your office job altogether, but you can take measures to protect your eyes. For instance, you could get a pair of these Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Whether you're working off a desktop computer, laptop, or watching TV at the end of a long day, these glasses can give your eyes an extra layer of protection. With their proprietary tints and coatings, the glasses offer UV400 protection and glare reduction that help prevent macular degeneration. Not only that, but they also work to sharpen screen detail and reduce eye strain, thereby preventing dry eyes and eliminating the painful headaches that occur from squinting to see a screen all day. They're doctor-recommended to preserve your eye health for as long as possible — plus, they just look great!

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses typically cost $59.99 but you can get a pair today in a variety of styles for just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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