Captivating Super-Zoom Slow Motion 4K Footage of Fighter Jets and Airshow

Captivating Super-Zoom Slow Motion 4K Footage of Fighter Jets and Airshow

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The sky's the limit. Indeed it is, as footage of fighter jets captured at the Chicago Air and Water Show last year in 4K slow motion has offered breathtaking views of these incredible feats of human engineering.

Shared on YouTube by Warped Perception, it took the company Carbon 12 and director Matt Mikka three years to be able to capture these strikingly fast jets in slow motion.


Slow motion jets

Here's a paradox for you: slow motion fighter jets. Those words don't usually appear side by side given just how speedy these fighter jets are, however, we're oh-so-glad they are today.

F-22 going into "Pugachev's Cobra Manuver" in Slow Motion. unfortunately it was a little bit cloudy,
The afterburners and Mach diamonds were cool though!!.
Thanks @Canon and @CanonUSA and @DirkFletcher for making this possible. Look out for the Full WP Episode. pic.twitter.com/SvgAOCTala

— Warped Perception (@WarpPerception) August 20, 2019

Warped Perception shared a mind-bending video on YouTube on Thursday that shows fighter jets at an air show doing what they do best (by that we mean bending the laws of physics), yet this time you're able to see precisely what they're doing, as it's all in super slow motion.

The time and effort spent behind putting this footage together is the culmination of three years of blood, sweat, and tears, but it was worth it.

After three days of rain that postponed the air show, a break in the clouds appeared and the entire show was crammed into a short three hours, which did not give the videographer much time to prepare at all. Moreover, the cloudy and patchy sky overhead did not assist in offering clear snaps. Regardless, the outcome is still impressive.

You can now view MV-22 Osprey, A-10 Warthog, Red Arrows T1, F-16, F-22 Raptors, and Blue Angels dip and dive and do cartwheels in mid-air, all in wonderful super-zoom and slow motion.

Sit back and enjoy the show from your own living room through this spectacular video:

Watch the video: F-35 Lightning II Demo in Slow Motion (January 2023).